Case Study : RAJANT


Rajant ES1 Breadcrumb



  • Vizmonet was entrusted with custom ES1 hardware design, development, and life-cycle management based on Rajant’s requirements.

Collaborative Design

  • Vizmonet led the hardware design effort, including circuit design and packaging, while continuously incorporating Rajant’s feedback from testing and validation..
  • Rajant took the lead in software design and development, as well as the system integration of the ES1 hardware, software and accessories.
  • Vizmonet was acting as Satellite R&D center for Rajant and worked closely with Rajant to manage the complete product life-cycle.
  • Vizmonet team worked very closely with Rajant development team during product design, characterization and validation phases, continuously improvising the design to meet the demanding and stringent Rajant Quality requirement.
  • Vizmonet team worked with regulatory Labs to get the product approved for FCC/IC/CE and other geography specific homologation.
Collaborative design


ES1 Breadcrumb

End Results

  • Vizmonet Partnership adds value to OEM customer’s offerings
  • ES1Breadcrumb gained great traction and acceptance across various industry verticals
  • It has helped Rajant to expand into new markets
  • The project was a great success for Rajnat and their customers
  • As of now, thousands of ES1 Breadcrumbs have been manufactured, shipped and deployed successfully across the globe.

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