Turnkey Manufacturing

  • Vizmonet plays an active role in the manufacturing ecosystem and has a good network of component suppliers and contract manufacturers.
  • Component Sourcing and procurement under AVL (Approved Vendor List)
  • Full blown ERP system for EBOM, Procurement, Manufacturing, Quality & Shipping Management

PCB Assembly Manufacturing

  • RoHS Assembly Line
  • Surface mount Capability for 0201 foot prints
  • N2 Reflow Soldering Capability
  • AOI (Automatic Optical Inspection) & AXI (Automatic X-Ray Inspection)
  • Micro BGA with 0.12 ball size on multi layer FPC
  • Placing accuracy up to 30 micron.
  • Flip chip (C4 Process)
  • Package to package mounting process.
  • 0201 RLC, ball grid arrays (BGA), fine pitch devices up to 70mm2.
  • 24/7 production lines capable of handling high volume low complexity to low volume high complexity orders.
  • Fully automated in-line optical inspection.
    Capacity to populate usual PCB materials, plus-flexi, flexi rigid, aluminum & microwave substrates.
  • Flexible production lines (ESD Class 2A & 3A Certified)

Box Build Manufacturing

  • RoHS Assembly Line
  • Mechanical Components (Heatsink, Brackets etc.,) design and manufacturing
  • Home-grown Test and Tools
  • Centralized Data log system
  • Remote monitoring of Production status

Regulatory Approvals

  • FCC/IC/CE/JAPAN Certification support
  • Geography specific Homologation