Wi-Fi HaLow

IEEE 802.11ah is a wireless networking standard that uses the Sub 1 GHz unlicensed frequency bands. The laws of electromagnetics and communication theory dictate the relative trade-offs between power, distance, and radio frequency (RF) signal reliability. For any given transmit amplification power, radio waves transmitted in the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands do not travel as far as radio waves in lower frequencies, such as 915 megahertz (MHz). For this reason, Wi-Fi HaLow focuses on operation in the frequencies referred to as the sub-1 GHz spectrum.

Wi-Fi HaLow offers a balanced mix of Range and Data Bandwidth, making it ideal for Industrial IOT Applications. Focussed on Industrial IOT, Vizmonet’ s Wi-Fi HaLow portfolio is committed to unleash several applications to drive Industry 4.0 forward.

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Wi-Fi Alliance white paper

Additionally, IEEE802.11ah standard features power consumption management modes which helps to save Battery life. Therefore, HaLow aims to provide a Wi-Fi IoT solution for applications including smart home, smart city, connected vehicles, agriculture, digital healthcare, and various industrial automation uses, which has not been possible before with the 2.4 GHz /5 GHz Wi-Fi solutions.

Powered by NRC 7292, this product line up offers extension of spectrum efficient Wi-Fi into license-free Sub GHz Bands. Built around the new standard IEEE 802.11ah-2016, these Wi-Fi HaLoW modules offer excellent price-performance over Industrial IOT Networks.


Long Range

Superior Receive sensitivity blended with the Sub GHz spectrum offers robust connectivity as the Radio waves pass through walls and obstacles.

Interference Desensitization

Interference Mitigation through specially designed band limiting Band filters, offers hassle free deployment amid overcrowded 2.4 GHz/5 GHz Wi-Fi spectrum.

Spectrum Efficiency

Choice of 1/2/4 MHz Band width profile offers more operating channels that help to achieve Optimized network speed efficiently using the Spectrum.

EVM Performance

RX Dynamic Range

  • 902 MHz to 928 MHz Wi-Fi HaLow Radio Module conforming to IEEE 802.11ah standard
  • Extension board for SONY SPRESENSE
  • Newracom Chipset NRC 7292
  • 1 MHz/2 MHz/4 MHz Channel Bandwidths
  • 26 dBm TX Power
  • -108 dBm RX Sensitivity