Why Vizmonet?

Wireless design Expertise

Quality is deep seeded in Vizmonet Culture and integrates all the functional groups of the company.

With over 90 years of combined Wireless product development experience and an in-depth understanding of wireless ecosystem, we create products with best-in-class RF performance. Unlike the traditional wireless modules available in the market, our design philosophy extends beyond reference design and tries to achieve best-of-the best performance levels while also mitigating the potential risks that happen during deployment like interference.

Product Development process

Our engineers leverage state-of-the art simulation tools during development to achieve peak performance levels of the product.

Our design team works hand-in-hand with manufacturing and the DFM (Design For Manufacturing) concepts are applied right from the start of the development process. Our validation team leverages in-house and third-party equipment for Extended Temperature testing, Vibration testing, HALT (Highly Accelerated Life Test) to make the design more robust and weed out infant mortalities.

We also support the customers by offering alternate designs/solutions in the event of End-of-Life of the parts, which has become very common quite recently.

Just-in-Time manufacturing

Vizmonet understands the pain points lingering the industry in the form of highly infectious pandemic issues like long lead time. We have our Booster available in the form of Vizmonet flavoured JIT (Just-in-Time) model to support the customer reducing the cash burns and at the same time ensuring the product availability at the right time when needed. We have wholehearted endorsement from our customers for this model and end of the day everybody in the value chain is happy.

Zero-defect Quality Policy

At Vizmonet, we aspire to achieve zero-defect as part of our Quality commitment. With the help of home-grown Test and process automation tools, Continuous process improvements are made based on a feedback control system.

Brand Promise

VIZMONET as a brand helps your brand grow.

That’s the promise to our customers.

Our business model is knitted with integrity as core value.

We predominantly work with OEM Customers and support them achieve their goals in the markets they serve by our product offerings.

Our products are complimentary to Customers and not competing in the same market space.