Industrial networks


  • Robust Connectivity
  • 24x7x365 operation with zero network downtime
  • Dynamic frequency shifting through multi radio design
  • Reliable high speed network bandwidth for ease of mining operation

Oil grid

  • Operating reliably in Industrial grade temperature range -40 deg C to +85 deg C
  • Uninterrupted continuous real time telematics data through low latency robust connectivity
  • Excellent range performance by high TX Power and industry’s leading RX sensitivity
  • Interference mitigation through embedded filter design


  • Ubiquitous network connectivity enabling autonomous operation through connected farm equipment
  • Wide coverage with robust interference resilience
  • Frequency redundancy through diverse multi radio design

Heavy Construction industry

  • High Bandwidth low latency reliable connectivity
  • Wide coverage through hard-to-reach area
  • Robust Interference resilience
  • Diverse frequency redundancy through multi radio design